Cosmetic Surgery – A Bird’s Eye view

In Plastic Surgery the word Plastic is derived from a Greek word Plastikos meaning to mould. Plastic Surgery deals with repair of deformities and correction of functional deficits. Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery is a branch of Plastic Surgery which deals with beautification of body, altering looks and changing shapes.

 Cosmetic Surgery has been practiced for many years mainly in the west, however past 20 years have seen an upsurge of Cosmetic Surgery in India and the demand is uphill. Westernization of the culture, Bollywood glamour, satellite TV channels, beauty pageants, media pressure are a few reasons why there is more awareness and demand for Cosmetic Surgery.



A Birds Eye view of common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Antiaging procedures Face lift
Brow lift
Neck lift
Composite face lift
Lip augmentation
Hair transplant
Body contouring procedures Breast augmentation
Breast reduction
Breast upliftment (Mastopexy)
Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
Alternatives to knife Antiaging creams
Chemical Peeling
Wrinkle fillers
Lasers Total skin resurfacing
Port wine stains, birthmarks removal
Tattoo removal
Laser epilation or Hair reduction   

A word of caution

Cosmetic Surgery is not like walking into a parlor to have a facial done. Most of the procedures are major surgical procedures. Every procedure has its own risks, limitations and complications. A patient should have a detailed discussion with the surgeon about the procedure, cost, and a realistic idea about the outcome of the surgery.

Today you don’t have to be an aging media star to opt for Cosmetic Surgery. It is much more common, widely available and within reach of a common man.

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